I love being on track like the breath of life itself.

Racer, coach, and technician Bob Towery established Redline Unlimited in 2006 to provide development and support for the track day enthusiast.

In the early 90s while racing in IMSA, Bob instructed at his first HPDE event and has coached and instructed at hundreds of events over the past 25 years. Today, he serves as Chief Instructor for Chin Motorsports, the largest professional organizer of track days in North America.

Bob was a founding partner of SpeedSource Race Engineering along with Sylvain Tremblay. While Bob was driving for the team, they won the 1998 IMSA Grand Sport Team Championship campaigning the twin-turbo RX7 for Mazda.

During the same era, SpeedSource built and sold over 50 highly competitive club and professional race cars.

Today, at Redline Unlimited, Bob focuses his experience on developing and customizing cars for HPDE events. He continues to spend many of his weekends coaching at the great Southeastern tracks.

Bob Towery at Sunset in Sebring IMSA race 1996 in the Speedsource Mazda RX7.